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Silence of the Brahmin

Here I was, toting around a mentally-and-emotionally scarred former First Recon sniper. I told him we’d kill a lot of Legion together but… the reality was, I needed him more than he needed me, actually. The guy who shot me was travelling with two Khans, and I still had to help clear REPCONN if I was going to get anything out of Manny. I needed an extra hand.

… Which is to say, the moment he accepted my offer, I had a guilt attack for the rest of the evening and made a mental compromise by the end of it: if ever an opportunity to help with the NCR or kill Legion would arise, then I’d go beyond the boundaries and put myself aside.

Even though the weather wasn’t letting up any time soon, I decided to go ahead and continue my stakeout on Dusty McBride’s farm. He had mentioned earlier that his brahmin were being attacked by something at night. The corpses were riddled with bullet holes but they never got to see whoever did it.

It was stupid work, really. Jesus work, but it gave me time to get to know my new travelling partner.

Boone… seemed relieved when I told him I was a former NCR medic, and we were getting along well until I asked him how he knew his wife was dead.

Glared at me for a long while before he told me that he just knew.There was more to that, certainly, but I wasn’t the forceful leader type. If he was going to talk about it, he was probably going to do it when he was good and ready.

Meanwhile, I went back to watching the horizon. Imagine my surprise when the world suddenly flickered and then I was eye-to-eye with some bluish nightmare thing. I opened fire on it- Boone caught it right in the eye- and then it died.

I had to turn on my Pip-Boy light to be sure. I had heard of these things- Nightkin- but I never fought one of them. The usual super mutants I had to kill while I was driving brahmin around the Big Circle were the green ones. The rumors weren’t lying when they said these things could cloak.

Boone looked equally shocked when I told him what we were up against, but I told him these blue ones were rarer than the green ones. McBride plied me with brahmin steaks as a thank you.

I then decided to take a detour back down to Mojave Outpost.

See, Boone was a great shot, but he didn’t have anything except his clothes and his gun. I didn’t want to storm REPCONN just so the two of us could die in there, so I took my time and watched him buy some military surplus from the trapped merchants at Mojave Outpost.

As it turned out, there were two things to know about Boone when you took him out shopping: one- he knew quality when he saw it and two- he could barter better than I could. Needless to say, by the time we got back to Novac, we were neck deep in weapons, ammunition and supplies and I still had caps on me.

On the way back, I swung by Ranger Station Charlie because Ranger Andy had asked me to check on them. Jesus work, but I did make a mental compromise with myself.

I keep my word.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Legion had already gotten to it.

Collecting the audio logs on the floor and hearing them only made me angrier. They had taken a prisoner alive- a woman. I didn’t know who she was. I never even met her… but I still couldn’t stop myself from wanting to save her.

When I got back to Novac and notified Ranger Andy, he thanked me and even taught me how to do a Ranger Takedown, but I could tell the thought of having lost a female Ranger was getting to him.

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